According to Radio Vatican Pope Francis spoke in Vienna, Austria, on occasion of a "Trafficking in Persons" convention. His Eminence made clear that the “worsening tragedy” of child slavery must have an end, the sooner the better. Many people would not be aware of the fact that this horrific crime still exists in the year 2017. Reverend Agnetha, Head of the Congregration for the Faith at the Christian Universal Life Church, speaking to the media for the non-catholic congregations, expressed the hope for a united action plan against this crime which includes all Christian churches and congregations, especially those who have many members in countries where slavery is still a problem.

Slavery? Still an issue!

In his speech to the OSCE convention, Catholic Pope Francis called slavery “a crime against humanity" and an "atrocious scourge". His Eminence is convinced that the European migration crisis is making the situation worse in Africa and Asia. Many children would be exploited and enslaved in a world which is in a kind of "World War Three", with unrests and many local wars around the globe. More than ever before in the last seventy years people are forced to flee in exile, losing their lives at sea, especially in the Mediterranean, when they try to flee to Europe as refugees. His Eminence declared he felt shame before God as should everybody who is not willing to change this situation.

Enslavement also in the Philippines?

Reverend Agnetha, while consenting to this warning, remembered that children are also prey to impiousness in countries with emerging economies like the Philippines. She is deeply worried that, for example in Cebu City, many mothers use their children to earn money in ways which are beyond expression.

"All churches, may they be catholic, protestant or evangelical must work hand in hand in a joint effort of humanity to raise awareness of this problem so that it can be solved", the Head of the Congregation for the Faith pointed out.

All Churches must help families!

The conference in Vienna is promoting a "three P approach", prevent, protect, prosecute.

Pope Francis missed one more: to partner. A way out of this situation would begin with protection plans for the family as such, the Pope said. The churches would need to step up their programs to help the victims of crimes, especially in those countries where people don't trust the civil authorities because they are corrupt or otherwise inept. One guest at the conference pointed out that especially independent churches in emerging countries could cooperate more in this regard, among themselves but also with the catholic church. Competetive approaches would only weaken the "christian powers" that are already available in most of these regions.