While Donald Trump's Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was in Beijing meeting with leaders to form a plan for how they should respond to North Korea, the President took to Twitter to fire off another tweet saying that china has done little to help keep North Korea under control. The President's tweet came from his own account and was in the same vein as other attacks he's conducted via the social media account, more recently saying that Germany has not been paying into NATO for defense and protection. Both attacks are unprecedented for a variety of reasons.

Tension, awkward meeting with Merkel

Throughout Donald Trump's campaign, he has been very critical (in reality and via Twitter) about Muslim immigrants pouring into Germany over the past several years. In the past he has said of Chancellor Angela Merkel that she didn't know what she was doing, allowing immigrants to enter, posing a danger to Germany.

As Blasting News reported after Candidate Trump became President-elect Trump, Angela Merkel had a covert but stern response to President-elect Trump, which was followed by harsher criticism from other German leaders. Due to the rise of right-wing extremism throughout Europe, Merkel has made herself the face of opposition against nationalism, which Trump has determined will make her lose reelection this year.

When the German Chancellor and President Trump were in the Oval Office, she asked him in front of the press if they could shake hands and he ignored her. Later during the press conference, Trump made a reference to his wiretapping conspiracy that has already been "debunked" by various administrative officials and Congressional leaders, saying that they both had something in common.

He was referring to the reports during Obama's term that said the U.S. had wiretapped Merkel's conversations. In the recent wiretapping conspiracy, President Trump has accused the former president of the wiretapping the phones at Trump Tower.

China responds to Trump tweet

During the Obama administration, it was widely reported that then Secretary of State John Kerry was trying to negotiate with China to help impose sanctions on North Korea, which many have debated hasn't worked.

North Korea has already tried testing the new Trump administration by firing missiles that could indicate they can carry a nuclear warhead.

Until Tillerson said while in Beijing this week that they were running out of options, there was little indication of what Trump's policies towards North Korea were. The Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told reporters at a press conference on Saturday that China had "devoted a lot of energy and effort over the years," and that the efforts they've made are visible for everyone to see.

Tensions between Trump and China

The hints to how Donald Trump would approach China were clear last year when President Obama was visiting, where security personnel got "personal" on the tarmac with the President and his aides.

When Candidate Trump was asked about how he would have responded, he said he would have returned to Airforce One as president and leave. The next signs of aggression were in early December when President-elect Trump had a short phone call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen which reportedly infuriated Chinese officials, followed by him saying that the U.S. was not bound to the "one China" policy.

When Tillerson was asked by the Independent Journal Review about the tweet, he said that he was not aware that Donald Trump would tweet anything out but also said that China should not be surprised about their stance on North Korea. Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to meet with President Trump at his Mar-a-Log resort on 6-7 of April, where Trump is expected to talk with the president about trade relations.

If the recently perceived "snub" of Merkel over claims that Germany had not paid their share to NATO is any indication of how Trump will respond to the Chinese president, it's unlikely tensions would be relieved.