Terry Peck, 33, is a Rapper in Australia and apparently chowed down on two lobsters, a baby octopus, 17 vodka oyster shooters and quite a few beers at a Main Beach restaurant in Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast. When it came time to pay the bill, however, Peck decided to run into the ocean to avoid paying.

It reportedly happened at the Omeros Bros Restaurant in Main Beach on Sunday. The assistant manager, Mark Hunnybun, did say they got suspicious when the rapper kept on ordering more food and drinks. According to Hunnybun, it was when Peck saw the size of his bill that he did his runner.

The total was AUS $621 or roughly $465 U.S.

2pec’s watery attempted escape failed

As reported by ABC News, restaurant staff went running after the rapper, who apparently performs under the name 2pec. However, to evade them, he ran into the waves. All attempts to get him back to shore reportedly failed. Eventually two police officers jumped on a lifeguard’s jetski and arrested Peck out in the water.

Apparently he was in no mood to be arrested. Peck appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court Monday and was charged with theft along with two counts of serious assault of a police officer.

While the Magistrate, Joan White, did grant bail, she expressed shock and disbelief at the extent of his crime. When she heard what the rapper ate, and the size of his bill, she reportedly exclaimed, “Oh God! By himself?”

Peck has now been totally banned from the Main Beach restaurant and has been told not to leave town while the case is being heard.

Reportedly the rapper will be heading back to court on May 4.

Peck’s lobster was ‘overcooked’

In his defense, the Australian rapper reportedly didn’t think much of his meal.

He described the lobster as being “overcooked.” He also said there was oyster shell in his oyster shots and that he wanted to take that off the bill. In fact, according to Peck, they should be apologizing to him for the shell, along with the “overpriced food.” According to Buzzfeed, the restaurant is a multi-award-winning establishment and disputes his statement, saying their lobsters are always cooked perfectly.

Peck did also say he wasn’t skipping the bill, saying he had only left to help a friend who was reportedly giving birth on the beach.

However, he said police arrested him before he could get to her. It turns out this isn’t the Australian rapper's first offense, either, as he was reportedly out on parole, having been released from prison back in February. According to his lawyer, Halley Robertson, Peck does have a problem with alcohol and that this is something he must address.