Nicki Minaj is having a bad day. Just hours after fellow rapper Remy Ma dropped a scathing diss track about the "Side to Side" rapper, it's being rumored that KMart has plans to drop her clothing line at all their retail locations.

It looks like the retail chain is the latest to have some bad blood with the rapper as they just announced on Saturday, Feb. 25 that they are dropping the rapper's eponymous clothing line due to low sales. Nicki Minaj's clothing line wasn't selling well for it to stick around, so the discount retail store has announced that they will drop the rapper's line on Twitter.

Kmart drops "Anaconda" rapper's line due to low sales

Kmart took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to make the announcement. However, the tweet was not posted on the official Kmart Twitter account. It was confirmed on the Kmart Fashions Twitter account, as seen below. The retail chain said that they will begin discounting Nicki Minaj's clothing line at 50 percent off.

Customers have remarked on social media that they have already seen some of the rapper's clothing and accessories discounted at low prices. Some of the outfits as seen in the tweet below will be marked off. This is just the latest blow for the pop star who is having a bad weekend due to her feud with rapper Remy Ma, who just dropped a new song in an effort to expose the "Anaconda" rapper.

A new feud with an old enemy

In the explicit rap, she talks about Nicki Minaj's relationships with Trey Songz and Drake along with some of her celebrity endorsements.

The Barbie doll rapper just ended her relationship with longtime boyfriend Meek Mill. Shortly after their split, she was seen rekindling her friendship with Drake. It looks like the rapper has a lot of drama going on in her life.

Remy Ma did not hold back at her contentment for Nicki Minaj in the seven-minute rap. The female rappers have been at odds for years. On the "SHEther" track, she accused the rapper for sleeping with all the male rappers in Young Money. She also targeted her famous booty and revealed that it's been pumped up with injections.