Protesters are still at airports

Imagine a thousand people with signs, their children, and their voices in one airport terminal. Imagine hundreds of thousands across the country. Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering all over our nation's airports to resist our president Donald Trump's executive order banning some muslim refugees from a long list of countries, and there are bans expanding from 90 days to "indefinitely" that have many travelers from these countries scared, and people vehemently in opposition to the executive order.

What is the ban?

The ban is keeping out millions of refugees from seven countries: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. Syria has a ban on its head, meaning no refugees in or out, according to Trump. But the ban has mostly a 90 day restriction form refugee immigrants form these countries. Airlines of these countries have had to also handle this, as they were transporting their customers.

What are the protesters doing?

The protesters come in every shape and size, and from all over the country. Many just hold up their signs and shout "No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here" over and over. In airports like LAX, some avid protesters are up and walking in circles around the airport at eight o'clock.

Most protesters have been peaceful.

At other airports across the country, these people are forming up and getting attention from all over the world. Actions from all over the country have been taken, everything from judges granting them permission to stay, to state and city lawsuits.

Legal options are being taken

The city of San Francisco is suing Trump.

Trump issued a cut two weeks ago, calling that all cities that are sanctuary cities -- cities that help immigrants -- would lose all federal funding. The state of Ohio is suing for the refugee ban by calling it "unconstitutional" and other states such as California are also looking into their options as well. Even with legal options, the ban and protesting still continues to be risky, and Trump looks like he is just getting started.