Donald Trump has now been in the saddle for a week and, the way he is interacting with world leaders, is forcing people to raise eyebrows. It is an accepted fact that when a new captain takes over the helm, he might discard many old concepts and induct new ones. But, he must also try to accept the other man’s viewpoints sportingly.

His telephonic conversation with Australian Prime Minister malcolm turnbull should have been a cordial and pleasant one because Australia is a staunch ally of the United States. Both of them have a system of sharing intelligence, they support one another diplomatically and have also teamed up in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the call between them that was expected to last for an hour was terminated by President Donald Trump within 25 minutes.

Donald Trump fears Australia will send across more Boston Bombers

Prime Minister Turnbull wanted to get a confirmation from Trump that the United States would honor its commitment to accept 1,250 refugees from an Australian detention center. This agreement had been made by Australia and the administration of former President Barack Obama.

To this, Trump went off the handle and charged that Australia wanted to send across another set of Boston bombers.

Earlier in the day, Trump had spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin and four other world leaders and has labeled the talk with Turnbull as the worst call by far.

The subject of dispute was over a refugee agreement. Incidentally, President Trump had signed an executive order temporarily barring the admissions of refugees, only the previous day.

Donald Trump’s treatment of world leaders raises eyebrows

Reports indicate that Donald Trump has behaved in a similar fashion while conversing with leaders of other countries, including Mexico.

A senior administration official of the White House has admitted that the conversation with Malcolm Turnbull had been hostile and charged.

Donald Trump’s behavior does not do justice to the post of the most powerful man on Earth. He appears to nurture a feeling that he can treat other world leaders the way he treats his political opponents at home. This is not in keeping with the image of the POTUS.

He may not aspire for any Peace Prize but he should not alienate his friends.