As reported by the Mirror Online, the scorned woman in question attempted to stop her lover from sleeping with another woman by blindfolding him and luring him into her home for a session of kinky sex. Reportedly, once he was in her home and told her he was marrying the other woman, the 20-year-old grabbed the sickle and used it to slash off his penis. The woman then ran outside with the dismembered organ, while the man lay soaked in his own blood and in excruciating pain.

Shades of Lorena Bobbitt in yet another scorned woman

Living as she does in rural India, this scorned woman probably hasn’t heard of Lorena Bobbitt, the American woman who chopped off her husband, John’s penis back in 1993, but the story's similarities are striking.

The weird part of the story is that the man himself tried to cover up the story, sticking up for the woman and claiming he was the one that did the chopping.

The incident happened in Naugawan Darshan Singh, India, and, according to local police, the man told doctors at the hospital that he had “cut his privates on his own.”

According to the Metro, the couple has been together for some four years, but things have since definitely gone wrong with the relationship. Police chief Anil Upadhya said that the woman will be facing a case of attempted murder of the victim, who is her neighbor.

However it does sound like there is a planned marriage in the works by the man’s parents, to a girl in the same caste as them, and although they reportedly loved each other, their relationship was not to be. This fact led the woman to attack her lover in the worst possible way.

Police recovered the detached penis and the scorned woman's weapon of choice

Police in India have recovered what they term a “reaping hook” or sickle, normally used for harvesting crops, along with the hapless man’s severed penis. However, doctors say it is unlikely they will be able to reattach it. The man had recently returned home from work in Mumbai when the incident occurred, and is now apparently recovering in a hospital in Rewa, India. Whether he will, in fact, marry the other woman is unknown.