Studio Wildcard has just rolled out their latest edition of “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” Community Crunch blog post and it provided details about upcoming content for PC – Classic PvP. The game’s mobile version also released its March update where it revealed some of its new features, QoL improvements, and new store items.

Classic PvP

According to Studio Wildcard's blog post, Classic PvP is an upcoming game mode for PC players which will zero in on the early PvP experience of “ARK.” It was also stated that these servers are “a Snail Games way to shake up the game’s current PvP meta.

Studio Wildcard even provided a breakdown of the soon to be released game mode:

  • It has a maximum of 25 players per tribe
  • The rates are doubled as compared to the game’s official servers.
  • Alliances among tribes are disallowed, though informal alliances are okay
  • Four servers on each cluster for a total of >25 Classic clusters
  • Servers’ max player count will be 100
  • A cluster will contain Scorched Earth, The Island, Ragnarok, and The Center
  • Server transfers are only allowed among the four servers per cluster
  • Evolution Events will have no effect on these servers
  • Scaling of weapon damage on Classic PvP servers has been reduced
  • Tek dinos and all the contents of both Aberration and Extinction will not be available on these servers.

Studio Wildcard further explained that in order for them to expand the game mode’s network, they’ve decided to remove some of the inactive PvP servers from their PC network on launch day (April 2).

Mobile update

Meanwhile, the March update for “ARK’s” mobile version is now available and it includes several improvements, features, and fixes that have been requested by the game’s player base:

  • Ascendant Creature Unlock – Available in single player only where Survivors are allowed to remove all tamed creature limits. It will be on a limited time offer (40 percent off) and the purchase will let players add up to 2000000000 XP to their tames and put their levels into whatever stats they see fit.
  • Tidy Save – The button will get rid of the excess game data and save the game to a file size that is within the storage limits of both Google and Apple.
  • Recolor Target – The button will re-roll the color scheme of any creature it’s targeting.

As always, the post also announced the kick-off date for "ARK's" Evolution Event that will go Live from March 29 to April 1. Survivors (on official servers) will be receiving double rates for taming, harvesting, and experience gain.