The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a conference or a trade show where companies get to show their best technology to kickstart the year. CES 2019 showed plenty of innovations. This year HandScape developed a gamepad for Android and iOS devices transforming the traditional gaming experience with greater functionality options for gamers.

HandScape, the technology and unique maker of unique game gadgets, got an important endorsement for this product. According to Gazette Review, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, gave the Mujah gamepad a strong recommendation.

In the subsequent sections, will discuss the functionality of this accompanying device and some of the highlights from the world's largest technology conference.

Features and functions of the Muja gamepad

In the marketplace, there are plenty of well-known gamepads and some that come with a bulky torso. Moreover, gamepads typically are designed to be used with two fingers to control the game. What makes the Muja gamepad different? It connects via Bluetooth and adds a multi-finger interactive experience.

Elsewhere, the gamepad allows passionate gamers to play continuously for 36 hours with 56 hours of standby time. Its design is ergonomic and has a touch sensor. You can also play games from the front and back panel together.

Another highlight from this product is the four additional and customizable keys. This will enable gamers to personalize their game-playing experiences and expand their capabilities.

CES Highlights and worthy mentions

Each year there are a great number of inventions and exciting tech creations. This year was no different. As reported by What's Inside, the video below featured the top six tech products from CES 2019.

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One was the Hoversurk bike, which flies and is used by the Dubai police. Another invention by the company called Hobots brought to the show the window cleaning robot. That's right and you read correctly.

For fans of entertainment, the Dolby Atmos booth brought gaming and viewing experience to a new level. In other words, the viewing experience is top notch with high-definition and a truly immersive surround sound environment.

If the tech is not really your thing, in the video a $15,000 massage chair was revealed. Or want to enhance the toilet in the house? Believe it or not, a smart toilet is available with integrated technology and will transform your bathroom going experiences.

Another neat invention was the self-driving hover and flying helicopter. A variety of inventions and creations that left their mark in this year's CES 2019.