The UMIDIGI Z2 series has been promoted in several stages this year alone. After unveiling it as a new product in 2018, the brand went ahead and added a new color. The Shenzhen-based company announced the official pre-sale on Gearbest. Gearbest, an e-commerce destination for online deals, will sell the UMIDIGI Z2 at a discount. Initially, the phone was announced with an asking price of $299.99. For this campaign pre-sale, the device is now priced at $249.99.

According to UMIDIGI, the Z2 global presale will be for a limited time. The pre-sale started on June 11 and will end on June 18.

According to an analysis by GizChina, the brand added to the lineup a Twilight Black color. In addition, this color has been a popular choice for smartphones like the iPhone X and Huawei P20.

Performance of the Z2 series for the brand

As reported in a post by GizChina, the presale of the Z2 device is a milestone for the company. Furthermore, UMIDIGI reports it is the device that has the best capabilities from its entire product line. The Z2 models have been compared with the Xiaomi 8 phone. The GizChina analysis does a side-by-side comparison over several categories. Also, these smartphones come integrated with an AI chip, which sets the product apart from the rest of the pack. This newest chip improves overall performance.

It is great for multitasking, gaming and capturing videos. The processor is the Helio P60 and it is coupled with a multi-core AI processing unit.

Available colors and shipment details

The Z2 includes a UMIDIGI Z2 and Z2 Pro model. The Z2 Pro device will be available for pre-sale next month. The color schemes for these devices, Twilight and Twilight Black, were inspired by Huawei's designs.

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At a time when smartphones have saturated the marketplace, alternative brands are generating plenty of buzz with their flagship devices.

For example, this brand offers more affordable phones compared to Apple and Samsung -- companies that dominate the market.

The company confirmed that shipments will take two to four weeks to arrive after orders are placed.

Winners announced for the Z2 Pro giveaway

One formula that helps brands spread the word with new products is to make brand followers part of the process. In other words, that is the approach the company took. As provided above, 10 winners were announced. According to post embedded above, there were 510,654 entries for the giveaway. Winners were awarded the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro, along with a wireless Q1, which is a great accessory to accompany the device.