The Shenzhen-based brand, UMIDIGI, has released a series of new smartphones in 2018 alone. The company announced that it will be releasing a 15W wireless charger on May 17 that will be compatible with popular smartphone devices. The brand unveiled this new accessory and it can be used with other well-known smartphone brands. It is called the UMIDIGI Q1 15W wireless charger. It can be used to charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mix 2S and more. Not only can this wireless accessory help with charging your device, but it can also charge its own line of products.

In addition, the UMIDIGI Z2 series can be charged within 100 minutes, which is less than two hours.

Additional specs and functionality of the UMIDIGI Q1

The UMIDIGI charger can charge its devices in less than two hours. Also, the charger has a 3650mAh battery capacity. On the other hand, the wireless charging with 18W can fully charge in 70 minutes. In other words, it is considerably fast for a new accessory on the market.

Another specification is the charging efficiency.

It is estimated to be 80 percent. It may not be the fastest wireless charger, but it competes with others in the marketplace.

At this time the brand will be unveiling more details and specs as the launch day approaches.

The consensus surrounding wireless chargers

There is some debate around wireless chargers. Those opposed to them claim that they are slow and are not really wireless.

It is true that they take long to charge, but over time the technology has improved. According to Gizmochina, there is a debate about wireless chargers in the industry. However, even though there are valid arguments about how slow these chargers are, eventually they are going to become faster as the technology evolves.

As reported by CNET, wireless charging will continue to grow.

Mass adoption is still a long shot, yet the advancements in the technology may change the minds of consumers. Within the above new report, the VP of Powermat added that in a period of two or three years devices may see charging at 40W speeds. Of course, cables still get the job done when it comes to charging your device fully. In the very near future, you may start to see over-the-air wireless charging and all it will take is a pair of these devices. Therefore, it will eliminate the need to have cables.


Additional details for the UMIDIGI Q1 will be revealed in 24 hours. How it performs will be the topic of conversation. It will be interesting to see how quickly these wireless chargers improve and evolve.