I hope all of my readers have heard of "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Knight." If you haven't, I will inform everyone that it is a true "Castlevania" successor, designed by none other than the mastermind behind the series himself. That mastermind is none other than Koji Igarashi! With the latter being stated, the above-mentioned game has been funded by the Kickstarter program and has gone well beyond its goal. The game has raised well over $5 million in Kickstarter donations from players and fans all over the globe. Since the excellent success, the team at "Bloodstained" has given us one huge surprise that comes this upcoming week.

A report by Nintendo Life provided a lot of the information used in this article.

Release date

"Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon" will be releasing very soon. Players should get ready for some whipping action very similar to "Castlevania III" on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The release date for the new title is next Thursday, May 24. This release date is a huge surprise to fans and we hope to get another release date for the main game, which is "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night."

The gameplay and style

"Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon" will have us play as four characters. There will first be Zengetsu. Zengetsu wields a powerful Katana at the start of the game. It seems he can also acquire a few new pieces of weaponry based on the trailer.

Next up we have Miriam. This character uses a whip at the start of the title but once again seems to also have access to other weapons or abilities. Alfred is an alchemist that seems to be the mage type character of the title. Alfred can make a clone of himself that can attack foes as well as other mage-type spells. Finally, we have Gebel, who is a complete shape-shifter.

Gebel can currently turn into a bat and fly around the game screen. This is confirmed by the in-game footage.

The game seems to be completely pixelated and in 8-bit. The game looks amazingly similar to classic or retro "Castlevania" games. It seems to have a nice soundtrack from what the trailer has presented to the fans. There is also supposedly a nice story going on in the game.

Depending on how you recruit your party members, players may end up with different types of dialogue, as well as, eventually, different endings, depending on how they play the game.

In conclusion, I am very excited for this title. I think my readers and viewers will be very pleased with this announcement. Please see the video below for the game in action it is quite the watch!