virtual reality is a computer-generated scenario that mimics real life to an extent. It is also an immersive experience that comes close to imitating the real world. There are a variety of uses of virtual reality applications and the number of users of the technology is estimated to reach 171 million in 2018.

The number of users growing in adoption is not the only great thing happening to virtual reality. According to Statista, the revenues generated from this technology is expected to grow by over three thousand percent.

In the next sections will look at the applications and uses of this technology.

In addition, look at how it enhances the field.

1) Watch out for an increased presence of 360-degrees videos

Technology comes in handy as a tool and a resource. Virtual reality does just that in many scenarios. One advantage of recording in 360 degrees is the footage and the immersive experience. As stated by Omnivirt, their research suggests these types of videos bring higher engagement.

There are major brands like NASA, Microsoft, YouTube and New York Times that utilize this type of technology to promote their services.

2) Virtual reality in gaming

It comes as no surprise that VR has a strong presence in the world of gaming. It derives from it on many fronts. As reported by SuperData Research, VR gaming industry amassed $287.6 million in revenues.

By the year 2020, that number is expected to reach $2.3 billion.

3) VR use by doctors and surgeons

The use of the technology is going to be an exciting and new frontier for medicine. Medical professionals will not only utilize this technology for specific health-related cases but help them perform their jobs in Ways never thought possible.

A company known as Fundamental VR has developed a VR scenario. For instance, their technology allows trainee surgeons perform a virtual operation using haptic controls.

4) VR making a splash in the advertising space

As news agencies use 360-degree you might have guessed that advertising would implement it.

Indeed that is the case. Using virtual experience it will add more value and credibility for promoting services.

Google has moved into space when it announced it an experiment with virtual reality ads. Infiniti partnered with Omnivirt so people could test drive the Q60 using VR.

5) Increased accessibility of VR products

Vr Products and gear will come down in price gradually. New technology is always expensive at the beginning and with economies of scales it comes down in price over time.

Two companies with VR products are Oculus and HTC. As reported by The Next Web, both slashed their prices on some of their products and perceived to be competing. Expect this trend to continue as 2018 rolls on.