Spotlight search is the two-key command on Macs that debuted more than a decade ago. According to Dr. Cleaner, Spotlight Search first started out as a basic document search tool, but over the years its function has increased to do more things. Now Spotlight can search through online results and can even understand complex natural language queries. Apple is constantly adding new features to the command in every major macOS release. Who knows how advanced Spotlight Search will be when the new MacBook Pro is released?

Ways to use Spotlight Search to your advantage

Open an app: If you're feeling too lazy to search for an app you need, you can always do so using Spotlight Search. Simply open up the command and start typing the name of the application you wish to use. Once the application and its icon show up, click on it and hit enter, thus opening the application.

Play a song: Begin by typing a song title or artist's name and it should appear as an Apple Music search result at the top of the list in Spotlight. Once it does appear, just tap Return and it will instantly open the track or artist in Apple Music.

Calculate: There is an application called Calculator on the Mac, but Spotlight can do the math just the same.

Whether it be addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, Spotlight can easily do the calculations for you.

Define a word: If you ever come across a new word you are unfamiliar with, or even momentarily forget what a word means, Spotlight Search can easily find the definition for you. All you need to do is type in the word and use the command + L combination to define the word for you.

Currency conversion: Converting currency is very simple using Spotlight. Just type in the currency amount you wish to be converted and Spotlight will show you the results in the window.

Other ways to use Spotlight Search

Check sports scores: Spotlight Search is also capable of keeping up with the latest sports matches in case you don't have time to watch or are not around.

You can type in "baseball scores" or "basketball scores" and Spotlight Search will pull up the scores for that day.

Check flight delays: Just type in the flight number of the flight you want to check the status of and it will show you whether there are delays -- very handy if you need to pick up someone from the airport.

Check the weather: You are able to check the weather from any place in the world. Just type in "Weather in [name of place] and it will show the seven day forecast for the location specified.

Check contacts and calendars: Typing in the name of a contact, event, or a reminder will show a mini-view of that information.

Search for a certain file or folder: Forget the name of the file or folder you really need to open, but don't remember where it's located? Simply type in the name of the file or folder you're looking for and Spotlight will locate it for you.