Apple is continuing to make more products and is not slowing down anytime soon. The giant is redesigning the MacBook Pro, and it will be one of the latest additions to the Apple family. Macs are known to be one of the best quality laptops around, made by one of the most prominent companies.

Apple products are expensive but are high in quality, making it worth the buck. The tech giant recently announced that the new line of MacBook Pros will not be available until next year, according to an exclusive article by The Verge written by Nick Statt. Here are the full details.

Rethinking and redesigning

Apple has been thinking about recreating the MacBook Pro and making it better, but also changing the design of it. The design has been around for a while and a new one would be a breath of fresh air and could help the brand grow -- and more importantly, grab more consumers. Apple has also created a new internal team to improve customer service.

Apple's senior director of Mac hardware product marketing (Tom Boger) said: "We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. It's not something for this year." (according to TechCrunch).

Despite the announcement, it is unknown at this time what the product will look like.

Although, the new line of laptops could ditch Intel chips for an ARM-based processor -- revealed by Bloomberg earlier in the week. More details on the new line of products will be announced later in the year.

A big 3 years

The next 3 years could be something special for Apple as there are many changes coming. There have been rumors that three separate iPhones will come out because of the failure of the iPhone X.

The X did not sell as well as expected from the brand and it could have been due to the high price -- roughly $1000. The iPhone does have competition from the Samsung Galaxy with its stellar performance and more advanced, long-lasting battery. The interface is also user friendly.

Apple has reason to prolong the release of a new MacBook Pro because its new product could arrive then.

The other product is the iMac Pro. This desktop is said to be very advanced: "Apple understands that its new iMac Pro has a substantial crossover with the customer that might purchase the updated Mac Pro, and so the company wants to give some timeline clarity to help those pro users better grasp where the products stand in the pipeline."