The Google Home has been seen as not only an innovation for the home but as a possible breach of privacy. Is the NSA listening to everything you say and do through it? No thanks, but though the Google Home is one of the lower end devices of its kind it still has plenty of Easter Eggs up its sleeve. From "Rick and Morty" to turning into a game show hosts this little device can bring hours of entertainment and delight if you know the commands it responds to.

'Rick and Morty'

The First and most interesting Easter Egg found so far has to do with the "Rick and Morty" Universe.

Mr. Meeseeks is a cute and well loved character who finds that their existence is pain. They can be called upon to do very simple tasks so they can stop existing. The Google Home is a new edition to my home and since we're "Rick and Morty" fans we asked it 'Hey Google, what does Mr. Meeseeks say?' The response the Google Home gives is 'I'm your google assistant. Look at me.' Mr. Meeseeks catchphrase is 'I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!' for those who haven't watched the show, making this quirky little addition mind blowing. When it happened for the first time, our mouths dropped. The show seems to release every July, usually on the 6th unless it's delayed like season 3 was.

'OK Google, wubba lubba dub dub' is another interesting Easter Egg, the response is 'Sorry, I don't speak Bird Person' or 'Are you in pain?

Can I help?' So she clearly does speak bird person.

Other awesomeness

'Do a Backflip' Also initiates a response of 'here I go' before some swooshing and a final note of 'I stuck the landing' the barrel roll instruction most people know google for though is not yet in the system, and if it is, it's never worked with mine.

'Hey Google i'm feeling lucky' usually initiates your Google Home to turn into a game show host.

You can tell her how many people are playing and she runs you through a series of games. This is an awesome rendition of a game show right in your living room and makes for some serious entertainment.

The Google Home Might not be the best AI like device to be set up in a home, but it sure does have its upside, especially for a "Rick and Morty" fan.

We can anticipate that there will be some more additions to the Google Home of course. It should reach up and be on par with other devices such as the Amazon Echo. With the Google Home in your house you can listen to podcasts, learn about just about everything and listen to your favorite music. These Easter Eggs are awesome, and you can use them with your Google Home every day.