Here it comes, just under a month away, Valentine’s Day is coming up and you have no idea what to do. She can be so complicated and stressful sometimes, but getting a good Gift for her doesn’t have to be hard. The biggest question is what do you do? First things first, write up a list of what she likes, her hobbies, instead of just guessing or getting her things you like.

The list

Here’s an example of a list, this is what I like:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Criminal Minds
  • Candles
  • Sewing
  • Precious stones

Just by evaluating her likes and dislikes you can narrow down gifts that she’ll love.

Make your own list. Does she like makeup? Does she love her dog? Focus on things she loves, does she like to bake or cook? Is she a fitness buff? Taking some time to sit quietly and think about what your girl likes will lead you to an awesome gift. It shouldn't take long, maybe 15-30 minutes depending on how well you know her.

What now?

Using our list above, we’re going to break down gifts you could get someone with the parameters I’ve set. Books — take a look at the kind of books she already has. Does she like science fiction or romance? The list can be quite easy to choose from with notebooks, nice pens, the box set for the show "Criminal Minds" or other's she may like, a variety of candles she doesn’t have yet, new fabric and cotton to stuff things, and even thread or needles.

You can even easily get precious or semi-precious stones in gem and mineral stores, $5-10 and you have so many stones there will be nothing but raw joy from her.

If she likes makeup, peek into her makeup kit and see what she’s getting low on, get that. Buy her pet a new collar and leash with a new tag, or if she has one of those smaller dogs, she may like to dress them up.

If she likes to bake or cook getting her recipe books, new pans, or even spend a little time concocting mason jar recipes, which are thoughtful and pretty easy. The gifts don't have to be difficult to put together, often times the simpler the better, as long as she doesn't already have what you're getting her.

Taking a half an hour to write a list of things she enjoys, and then breaking it down to things you can buy her, makes your gifts not only great but amazing.

The kind of gifts decide on, paired with a small box of chocolate and her favorite flower, will make her one of the happiest women in the world. Putting some time into thinking about what she may want is something a lot of people overlook. If you can get her something that shows you put some thought into what she might like or want you'll melt her heart all over again. Sometimes she may be difficult, but there’s no way Valentine’s day has to be.