"Rick and Morty" is one of the most popular shows to hit Adult Swim in years. With the adoration of the main characters and even the side characters such as Mr. Poopybutthole, it’s not hard to understand the attraction to the boundary crossing show. The difficult part of having someone close to you who is a "Rick and Morty" fan is finding the best Valentine’s Day present for them. How do you express that you care for them while still staying within the bounds and ideologies of the show? Here are the top ten Valentine’s Day gifts for "Rick and Morty" fans.

What are the gifts?

1) Meeseeks box of fun

This little box of fun is packed with some very interesting dares. It’s a card game, designed to fit inside the simple Mr. Meeseeks box. The rules are pretty simple, but it’s also super easy to lose. I suggest a drink or two of the alcoholic variety when taking part in this game, and be warned there are quite a few difficult dares, you can pass them up, but you should probably abandon your inhibitions, if you have any, before playing.

2) Meeseeks Box 3D coffee mug

For a fan of the loveable blue creature of simplicity, the little coffee mug would be a great gift. An easy gift for a Rick and Morty fan. It’s great for the coffee lover and even has a cute little meeseeks in the cup.

Some people use it as a candy dish currently, mostly because he doesn’t want to get it dirty with all the coffee.

3) A painting

Specifically, a panel painting five paneled "Rick and Morty" paintings are attacking the internet with their awesome. There are a wide variety of Rick and Morty paintings all over the internet, with a variety of different scenes displayed.

The five-panel paintings are amazing gifts, and with just one of them, you can really rock this Valentine’s Day.

4) Pickle Rick keychain

A smaller gift for someone with a smaller budget. This pickle Rick keychain is a blazing symbol of the fandom. With this small gift, you can still grasp an amazing Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

If you can manage to find one, you'll find you have a happy significant other.

5) Pint Glass Set

If you need glasses and love "Rick and Morty" this is a great excuse to get a gift that's functional and stays within the parameters of the fandom. It's an awesome addition, especially someone who enjoys a drink now and then. The set is designed around the pictures of the characters, the different faces are depicting being drunk, but they are pretty funny.

With "Rick and Morty" you can never go wrong, especially with super fans. Your Valentines Day gift doesn't have to be hearts or love related, as long as you make it personal.