The first thing I learned when I started building my terribly organized library (thank God for Kindle Ebooks) was that a great bargain is as important as the book itself. No one wants to buy a ridiculously overpriced book when it can be bought at a reasonable price. In fact, only four things matter to me when shopping for a book: it has to give me a serious toe curling bookgasm, live up to the hype, look good on my Instagram feed and most importantly, must be so well written that I have to read it over and over. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it should be that a great bargain doesn’t hurt a fly.

So without saying much and exposing some of my - - ahem, weird reading habits, here are five great sites that will help you Save Money on Kindle eBooks.

Ready for a great bargain?

  • BookBub: It’s free to sign up! Interested yet? BookBub sends emails that match your reading needs. For a limited time only, you can get free and discounted books from different genres that match your interest. Their editorial team handpick a great selection for the featured category. You can search for your favorite Kindle books and see the amazing prices that pop up.
  • DailyLit: This site is great for book lovers on tight schedules or people trying to form a daily reading habit. All you need is the personal commitment to read for a few minutes each day. It’s very easy to set up, you pick a book and select the time you want your installment delivered. They also have tons of free books and great discount prices.
  • Project Gutenberg: So many free books and so little time! This volunteer-based website has over 60,000 free eBooks. You can choose free kindle books and read them online or download for later use. You can also browse by author, the top 10 category, languages and more.
  • Kindle Unlimited: This service by Amazon cost $9.99/month and gives subscribers the chance to enjoy unlimited books and audiobooks. The coolest part is, you can read new books before the official release date. They offer a 30-day trial if you’re interested but uncertain about jumping into the water.
  • Scribd: This is a great digital library that offers unlimited eBooks, magazines, documents, audiobooks and more for just $8.99/month. They truly live up to their "Read without limits" tagline. They have a 30-day trial and host over 60 million documents on their open publishing platform.

Why spend more when you can spend less?

Do you know any website or service that offers great prices on Kindle eBooks? Let me know in the comment section.