Never Give Up: 12 powerful quotes to keep you motivated

The road to success is demanding and mentally exhausting but, ultimately, you’ll realize that it was all worth the pain.


Don't lose your faith

Every vision starts with faith, a belief system that will keep you grounded when the journey becomes difficult. Challenges and tribulations will come your way, but it’s important to hold on. What seems small and irrelevant today could become mighty if you stay on course.


Don't fear the unknown

Ideas that are unrealistic, crazy, and outside what people know as normal are often the ones that change the world and make the most impact. Be courageous and strong. Never be afraid of what awaits you - take your crazy idea, run with it, and change the world.


Don't let anything hold you back

You may have a lot of legitimate reasons why you think you should give up on your dreams. But there are so many people in the world, some with disabilities, who are doing amazing things with their lives and impacting the lives of other people as well.

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