October 26: 5 things that happened on this day in history

From the first baboon-to-human heart transplant to music and tragic death, this day has some memorable moments.

October is one of the most interesting months of the year. It has a perfect amount of spookiness and end of the year freakout. From the first baboon-to-human heart transplant to music, check out 5 things that happened today in history.


Whitney Houston

In 1985, the mezzo-soprano earned her first Billboard No. 1 record with her chart-topping song "Saving All My Love For You." It also earned Houston her first Grammy award and an AMA for Favorite R&B/Soul video. The song was co-written by Michael Masser and Gerry Goffin.


The first baboon-to-human heart transplant

In 1984, Dr. Leonard L. Bailey, of the Loma Linda University Medical Center, performed the first baboon-to-human heart transplant. He replaced a 14-day-old baby girl's defective heart with that of a young baboon. Sadly, Baby Fae's body rejected the animal's heart and passed just 20 days after the transplant.


Ozzy Osbourne 'blamed' for fan's sucide

In 1984, John McCollum, an Ozzy Osbourne fan was dead by a gun in his bed. Although his death was quickly ruled as suicide by a Califonia judge, his parents blamed Ozzy. In their lawsuit against the singer, they cited that McCollum had been listening to Ozzy's song, "Suicide Solution," which contains lyrics that inspire suicide. Some of the lyrics include, "Made your bed, rest your head. But you lie there and moan. Where to hide, suicide is the only way out."


Woman kills her abusive husband

In 1984, Betty Ferreri, a woman who had suffered for many years at the hands of her abusive husband, Jerry, killed him in their Los Angeles home by striking him 23 times in the head with a meat cleaver. She was acquited of all charges when the details of his abusive behavior came to light.


The Patriot Act is signed

George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act, which is an anti-terrorism law created in response to terrorists' attacks against the United States of America.

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