While Apple has just launched its iPhone X, setting record margins on it, it seems that Apple would like to chew into Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video by launching its own streaming video service for 2018.

CNBC launched the new that Apple is preparing to announce the creation of a streaming video service in 2018. While the company started out by designing peer computers and software, it quickly diversified by launching new products, like the iPod, the iPad or the well-known iPhone, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

An SVOD service in 2018?

They are a manufacturer of products but also of services. This is not the first time that the computer manufacturer is embarking on a new segment such as services. We remember the appearance of iTunes with the iPod that revolutionized the CD sales sector by offering dematerialized versions of music titles to the unit for 0.99 cents.

Later, the Apple firm launched its own cloud service for its users: iCloud, working with a subscription principle to increase the storage capacity of its devices.

More recently, the Apple group bought the well-known Beats headphone company for a whopping $3 billion. Beats then had a small Streaming Music Service, Beats Music. It is the latter in particular that interested Apple since the company took advantage of this purchase to create a user base and launch its own streaming music service: Apple Music.

The latter is today a key player in the sector, with many users, and a consequent music catalog, taken from its former iTunes platform, after crashing into the Spotify or Deezer sector.

Does Apple want to skin Netflix?

Highly interested in the success that Netflix is currently experiencing around the world and its successful original programs, Apple is also looking to get into the breach.

The firm could currently invest in film studios, scriptwriting teams, and establish numerous partnerships with television channels to offer authentic programs of quality.

We still do not know more about this new service that Apple will launch in 2018. We can still speculate on a monthly subscription plan as the firm had opted for Apple Music, the same strategy as its (future) competitor Netflix.

However, this strategy may not work in the future, as Amazon plans to develop its offer of SVOD, Amazon Prime Video, with a free formula funded by advertising and a major exclusive which includes a series in the world of the "Lord of the Rings."