When publishing on the Internet one of the main objectives is to direct traffic to the website. Given the huge amount of information it is necessary to differentiate; for that, it is necessary to carefully take care of what is published and translate it in the most appropriate way. Today more than ever it is necessary to apply different methods writing at the time of publishing digital Content.

The use of keywords

Keyword or keywords is the term that users use to locate a specific content in Internet Search Engines. Currently, almost all visits to web pages are made through keyword searches in search engines.

If you want to achieve a good position you have to consider a series of questions. What is the user's concern? What are their interests? How to get the user to access the web?

To achieve the main objective (visits to the website) there are numerous tools to locate the most appropriate keywords to launch a content in question; from online applications to desktop applications, from paid to free applications, etc. Focusing on online tools, totally free and that yield results, we find the following: Keywordtool.io, KW Finder, Google Keyword Planner Tool, Smal Keyword Suggestion Tool, SEO Tools, Google Keyword Tool or Google Auto Suggest.

Using some of them it is possible to locate the best Keywords, which can suppose a good positioning in the search engines and with it an increase of visits to the web, blog or post.

The use of semantics

The content to be published must not be repeated constantly assuming that this will achieve a better positioning. In addition to not being advisable the algorithm of the search engines, as is the case of Google, it is ever more sophisticated and intelligent and it is difficult to obtain an advantage in this way.

The page must be optimized wisely.

Using a correct semantics is essential and allows us to find a series of concepts, methods, terms that surround the word and the content on which it is intended to speak. It is about boosting the content without being monotonous or repetitive. It must go beyond the keywords.

How is semantics used in a content?

The tools can help, but the most important thing is to resort to good information and documentation.

When it comes to making digital content, it is essential that it be true. For this, it is necessary to have different sources and, above all, to contrast the information obtained. Avoid inaccuracies and/or errors by having used false or outdated information. It is best to always go to the original source, for example, a report or study that has been made on the subject that interests us and that we are going to talk about. Likewise, the interview with professionals is also a good method to obtain usefully and, above all, testable information.

The use of the structure: or how to make sense of what is meant when a content is published on the Internet, it is important that this content has an order, a logical sense that makes it possible to understand the message that is to be transmitted from beginning to end.

In digital writing, the structure of the inverted pyramid used in journalism must be applied. It is about organizing the information from most to least relevance. To do this, it is necessary to dose the receiver's points of interest, keeping his attention at all times.

How to apply the Keywords to each of the parts of the content?

In digital content not only have to know how to structure correctly but achieve the optimization of it, for that you have to know how to use the right keyword in each part.

Headline (H1): It is the most important epigraph; It should be brief and refer to the subject matter of the content. In it, the main keyword should appear. It is advisable to place it as early as possible.

Subtitle: In this part of the text the Keyword should also appear, in this case in bold.

Subheadlines:: It is about using internal headlines that allow the content to be hierarchically positioned. These epigraphs will be marked with labels (H2, H3, H4, etc.) depending on the importance of the content in them, secondary keywords will be spilled or related to the content.

Body of the text: Here the fundamental thing is to develop what is intended to communicate; keywords will be used, but with naturalness, without harming the overall meaning of the topic. Likewise, subtitles will be used to facilitate the development of this content and, therefore, its understanding.

Conclusion: this is a final summary that will include some main and/or secondary keyword along with a call to action.

The use of links: or the art of 'hyperlinking'

Digital writing allows us to use hyperlinks, that is, we can include links within our content to expand the information on the subject that is being discussed. You have to know how to take advantage of this possibility and for this, there are two ways:

Link to internal pages of the web: for this, "links" or "hyperlinks" are used that lead to other internal pages of the same website. Like, for example, a product card, a page from a different category or even the post of a blog.

Link to external pages of the web: it consists of directing from the web itself to an external source, for example, to a news item from another page, a blog, etc. In this way, a backlink is obtained, by means of the incoming links that point from other webs to one's own, thus obtaining greater cooperation with the rest of the creators.

When it comes to "anchoring" that link we can use a keyword, avoiding the abusive use of the same word and trying to use other terms that are related to the subject matter of the content.

The use of bold letters

With the use of bold, it is transferred to the search engines what are the keywords in the content. You have to manage different elements to make certain elements of a web page more attractive. With the bold, it attracts the attention of the receiver more easily. In this way, and throughout the content, both the main keyword and the secondary keywords will be highlighted in bold.

You can also use italics, underlining or quotes to highlight a Keyword.

The use of the Alt

Nowadays quality content is not simply good because it is well written, but we must know how to take full advantage of this format of content supports to enrich the content as it provides more information and more knowledge to the user.

For this, it is convenient to use images, videos, podcasts, gifs, infographics, etc. When it comes to using images it is important to describe them so that the search engine knows what its subject matter is.

The use of the URL

Any content that is intended to be published on the Internet must go inside a URL that must be written in a very clear way. It must be unique and very descriptive. In it, the main keyword should appear.

When generating a URL you have to eliminate all the elements that are superfluous. It must be brief. Prepositions, conjunctions and other unnecessary words must be eliminated. You have to keep the really important elements. For this, it is advisable to redraft that URL eliminating the strange and/or unnecessary characters replacing them with hyphens.

The use of density and prominence

Until not long ago there was the erroneous idea that doing SEO was nothing more than repeating insistently a word to get our content had some impact on the network. However, this idea today is meaningless since it is well known the complex operation of the Google algorithm which is difficult to cheat.

When speaking of word density, reference is made to the number of times a term is repeated throughout a text. Multiply that number by a hundred and you would get a repeat percentage. Google does not recommend exceeding five percent, while search engines like Yahoo and Bing have their limit between eight and ten percent.

Instead of focusing on a word in question it is preferable to adopt a term: prominence; it consists of evaluating the proximity of a word with respect to the beginning of the text.

A seeker deduces that the higher it is, the more substantial it will be. There is even a formula to calculate it: (Total number of words - ((No. of position - 1) / No. of positions)) * (100 / Total number of words).

In short, we must publish in a manner that is consistent and methodical. It is advisable to consider such tips to optimize the most of our content to achieve the best position possible.