We are all afraid of anything, whether it's an object, a person or an activity. We are conceived to have weaker points and to learn or to overcome our fears or to live with them.

Remember when you were afraid of darkness or monsters under the bed? What about the ghosts in the closet? With time we have evolved, so our fears have metamorphosed.

Regardless of what personality we have, we can develop different fears, from the most Common, such as fear of bugs, mice, narrow or wide spaces to the fear of color, our own reflection, etc. There are many solutions to these phobias.

There may be a few meetings with a psychologist or self-knowledge courses. Regardless of the problem, we have to learn to accept ourselves as we are and to enjoy life, giving more importance to things that really matter. There are chances that fears will diminish.

What is a phobia?

Phobia is a state of restlessness, of obsessive fear, sometimes irrational, without an objective or precise cause. The moment it triggers, there is a desire to avoid the subject that causes it and the repulsion, the dislike of the thing. This is a list that includes a few less common, but certainly Interesting, Phobias.

Five rare phobias:

  • Spectrophobia - Imagine that such a person cannot bear their reflection in the mirror, having deep anxiety and a panic. It is attributed to the fear of self-knowledge and exhibitionism. It is debated that spectrophobia is related to fear of ghosts - fasmophobia.
  • Anthophobia (Fear of Flowers) - It is a persistent fear of flowers. Although those who suffer from it generally understand that flowers are not a threat, they just go through anxiety when they are around. Any kind or species of flowers can induce fear. Anthophobia also refers to small and innocuous objects such as a piece of paper.
  • Chorophobia (Fear of Dance) - Inevitably at a party, we had to dance at least once. A person with this phobia simply does not have the strength to move on to music either alone or with a partner. At the other extreme, some have discovered this problem when it took her anxiety to the bride's dance at her own wedding.
  • Heliophobia - Heliophobia is a problem affecting hundreds of people, but is not sufficiently researched. Those who suffer from this phobia are out of the sun. I live in basements or cellars and have abnormal time with domestic activities. It can also be associated with sunlight allergy - in UV light
  • Agoraphobia - Defined by the fear of being alone in situations or large spaces, especially in public places that can not be immediately deserted. Fear usually leads to avoiding situations/places (in supermarkets, circulating streets, theaters, churches, etc.), to be alone in a crowd, to travel alone by car, bus or plane, or to be on a bridge or in an elevator.