Oracle wants to compete with Amazon. The company plans to add 12 new Data Centers, located in Asia, Europe, and North America in an effort to grow its cloud infrastructure and provide more Cloud Services. Though the company has been slow to adapt to the cloud, it is the first to make the cloud more autonomous according to Silicon Angle. This means that Oracle's cloud services will soon be self-repairing, self-driving and self-securing, reports Tech Crunch. With the new data centers, they'll have the power to do it.

An autonomous cloud

Automation isn't anything new, though putting it in the cloud is.

Oracle's automation will be AI-based and will extend to all of its platform-as-a-service offerings, reducing management headaches and cutting costs. The AI-based automation will use machine learning techniques to enable its cloud services to do self-maintenance activities such as installing updates and optimizing workloads. The company aims to eliminate the human element associated with troubleshooting, upgrading, etc., allowing companies to save on costs.

Users have already expected this kind of automation to occur, but a lot of patches and updates don't get automatically installed; someone has to approve them first. Oracle aims to get rid of that part, so everything happens seamlessly. The automation will also enhance specific parts of the company's cloud services by adding them to data and application integration, analysis, security and development, reports IT World.

Oracle is also offering chatbot technology with machine learning capabilities to assist developers in creating their own chatbots and applying them to their own applications. Along with that, developer services also include automated identification. These services will reduce the need for developers to do routine tasks and day-to-day operations, allowing them to spend more time creating applications.

These new services will be rolling out this year.

New data centers

Oracle is building 12 new data centers to deliver more cloud infrastructure services such as online computing and storage. According to The Wall Street Journal, one data center is planned for China where Oracle will work with Tencent Holdings Ltd. due to a government requirement for outside companies to partner with local ones.

Another is set to be built in Saudi Arabia, two are planned for the US and two for Canada. The rest of the data centers are planned to be spread throughout Asia and Europe.

Oracle currently has 3 data centers that deliver its cloud infrastructure services and run several smaller data centers serving other parts of the cloud market such as analytics.