The Android Play Store is a bottomless pit. There are millions of applications and many are real gifts that seem to have fallen from the sky. Others can be very dangerous for our security and the phone we use. But how can we defend ourselves against such applications? Or rather, how can we recognize the malevolent ones from those that are actually functional? Let's look at five types of apps that should absolutely be avoided, or be deleted, in case you have already downloaded them.

The apps to avoid on Android — battery performance and privacy issues

As you well may know, Android is the most used Operating System. It's owned by Google and they can boast billions of people who rely on the green robot every day.

Android is updated every year by Big G, and the contents are multiplied on the platforms, especially in the Play Store, which, together with the App Store, are the most used marketplaces on mobile devices. However, there are malware or spyware apps whose only intention is to steal as much data as possible. Just a few weeks ago, I talked about 60 applications eliminated from the store because they had adult advertising.

Among the most dangerous applications, at the moment, are those that allow you to download music for free.

First of all, making a download from programs without certification and without permission from the record companies is illegal.

There is a lot of risk for those who create the app, but even those who download them can be prosecuted, by law. In addition, the advertisements in these pirated applications are often malicious and could lead the user to be a subscriber to services without his consent.

An application that saves our battery

The simple presence on the phone of the Facebook Lite application is highly recommended. It is the app with the white logo, which takes up less than a tenth of the space occupied by the complete app. The battery will show significant signs of improvement. This is an example of a good app.

But another type of application should be avoided. These apps are often related to antivirus and/or cleaning the phone. First of all, Clean Master, which currently has as many as a few million downloads, is not a good app. Know that this type of application, instead of improving performance, only slows down the phone. In addition, to save space, it terminates processes important for the functioning of the Smartphone.

Finally, another type of application to avoid is the one known as The Torch. Make sure the external app for the phones doesn't have one included. In addition, when downloaded, the apps ask permission to be authorized to use the microphone, the camera, and gain access to contacts. Obviously these last ones do not serve much use and are strongly discouraged.