Many people recognize that the Xiaomi has been a great product. In addition to several mobile versions highly recommended for their features, comfort, quality, and price, they contain much more. What do we not know about Xiaomi? There are details that can greatly facilitate the handling of this Android. There are things you might now know and learning about them can be very useful. There are some very interesting things to learn, and you will see everything below. A lot of the information in this article comes from the company product page.

What is Xiaomi6?

It is said that Xiaomi will surpass Samsung and one of the things that most influences this, are the additional adjustments. It is true that there are additional adjustments in Xiaomi devices. Many people overlook them, but they are very good things to help us control the mobile.

These are the most used settings below.

  • Floating ball: It is very similar to the typical menu of shortcuts on any iPhone, but of course, it has its differences, and this default brings home, multitasking, and recoil. If you do not like this configuration, you can place it to your liking, from mobile options to any of the applications that you use frequently, so that you have Direct Access.
  • One-hand mode: We know very well that there are versions that are larger than others, and the screen can be quite big. For that reason, Xiaomi has created a way to make things easier when handling the device with one hand. This is an option that we activate to write more comfortably when using it with one hand, reducing the scale of the screen to the side of the hand with which we will do the actions on the mobile.

Mobile security

All Xiaomi phones have their original security application, and it is of utmost importance for users since the "Application Blocking" and the "Fingerprint Lock" are some of the things that are used most today.

Through this, greater security for the device can be guaranteed.

Take screenshots

There are three ways to take screen captures on the Xiaomi phones.

  • It can be done from the direct access we have in the Floating Ball and by touching the button, it will be done automatically.
  • By pressing the power button and at the same time the volume button, a screenshot can be made.
  • Finally, something that is also very useful, is the sliding of three fingers. We must put three fingers at the top of the screen, and slide them all at the same time, so we can make a quick capture.

Surely today you learned a little more about Xiaomi. Its release has been widely appreciated.