The virtual world of social networks is increasingly pressing and sometimes intrusive. Nobody (or almost), nowadays, can do without using Facebook. It is the king of social networks, usable for the most disparate reasons: for work, as a simple pastime or to let people know their thoughts about some particular topic. Articles, advertisements, friend requests, groups, notifications, messages, posts and bulletin boards from 'scrolling' with your finger or mouse. The world of Facebook is so wide and varied that sometimes you can no longer see what a loved one close to us has " shared " with.

For this reason, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to change something.

Friends' posts return to the front row on Facebook

The founder of Facebook has no doubt and is ready to revolutionize his invention through an algorithm update. The novelty of Facebook updates of close friends and family will be put on display to the detriment of page posts, be they news or advertising. The change implemented by Mark Zuckerberg is of significant importance because it puts the user first. In fact, for some time now, the invasion of pages and posts sponsored on the bulletin board had made the users more passive compared to the use of social networks, as they only watched videos or read articles without sharing or intervening autonomously and originally.

Facebook and fake news: what will happen with the new algorithm?

There is another fundamental reason that has pushed the rich number 1 of Facebook to intervene to change the situation: The Fake News. Having noted the growing difficulty in recognizing the hoaxes on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg decided to promote this update of the algorithm, which, however, could detect a double-edged sword.

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The fake news, in fact, could be less widespread than in the past but would be more influential on people's attitudes and beliefs. The attitude of the user of Facebook, usually, is to accept the article shared on a bulletin board by a friend, because the ideas exchanged between like-minded people reinforce their thinking. The change promoted by the innovative billionaire, therefore, does not eliminate the fundamental problem of Facebook, that is the filtering bubble coined by Pariser.

The bullet indicates the result of the personalization system of searches on sites made by each user of Facebook and has as a consequence 'extreme' the closure of each user within a given information bubble.