With swift advancements in technology and an ever-expanding globalized economy, the job market has moved from in-person interview to digitized application. Career sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn are the new face of networking and are responsible for connecting billions of employers to eager applicants worldwide. A College Graduate of today must be well-versed in the art of online job-seeking, and with countless opportunities available at the push of a button, finding tailor-made entry-level positions should be a breeze, right? Not necessarily.

While many digitized platforms spew tons of new openings every day, rarely do they boast positions eligible to the average recent college-grad. However, job-finding app, WayUp, provides a solution that hopefully offers anxiety-ridden seniors with hope for the future.

A job-posting goldmine for millennials

WayUp, launched in 2014 by CEO Liz Wessel and chief technology officer J.J. Fliegelman, caters specifically to college and university students. Similar to LinkedIn, WayUp allows its users to upload their resume and organization affiliations directly onto their profile. And, unlike Indeed or its sister sites, WayUp allows users to include more personal information, such as hobbies and fun facts, rather than a single personal statement.

According to Wessel, making room for these bits of information can be invaluable in helping an application stand out. Moreover, such information is helpful in expanding a user’s potential job posts, as the site uses algorithms to analyze an applicant's profile and data to match them to opportunities they are most interested in or qualified for.

It’s only up from here

Every day, WayUp notifies users of new entry-level positions in the desired industry or profession as expressed by the user. Additionally, users are often able to apply to job postings directly from WayUp, making the process faster and more convenient, thus optimizing users’ time. From internships and fellowships to full-time jobs, WayUp’s platform provides young applicants a foot in the door to the career of their dreams.

Currently, with a staff of 50 and a fund of $27.5 million, the app is pint-sized in comparison to its older competitors. However, ambition breeds creativity, and WayUp is eager to build upon its small platform, starting with developing innovative and fresh profile formats that showcase their users’ potential to the max.