Christmas Day has been and gone for another year and saw many lucky people receiving drones as a fabulous gift. Naturally, most of these lucky people immediately headed outside to try out their new toy, leading to a series of spectacular, and occasionally strange, crashes.

As reported by Time, one Twitter user, Faine Greenwood, found the whole idea of crashed drones a lot of fun and she headed to the social media to share some of the more spectacular or humorous accidents that happened soon after those precious gifts were unwrapped under the hashtag #DroneCrashmas.

The birth of #DroneCrashmas

Her interest in the phenomenon is definitely clear, as Greenwood works as an assistant researcher involved in researching UAVs at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. She made up the hashtag #DroneCrashmas and shared dozens of fun tweets relating to the death of drones over the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Drone stuck in my hair

Jordyn Kelly headed to Twitter on Christmas Day to say she was “literally crying,” after her brother flew his brand-new drone into her sister’s hair. That is one knotty situation, indeed.

Chad Tha Dad tweeted to say he owned a drone for around 5 minutes before it took a swan dive into the lake and sank to the bottom.

He then, apparently, lost his chain, too, adding a possibly sarcastic “Merry Christmas.”

Stuart McGregor apparently bought a baby drone for his nephew and its first flight took it straight into the Christmas tree.

It certainly looks festive now!

Twitter user Dutch Lettuce made good use of a neighbor's kid's drone crashing into the gutters of his home – he cleaned out the gutters while he was up there saving Christmas.

Raj Mody calls it a "traditional Boxing Day scene" by tweeting an image of a mini-UAV stuck up in a tree.

User JanetJlake lost her drone and has a hunch that it might be in this tangled bush somewhere but the darn thing isn't responding to her calls.

Greenwood pointed out to her that drones don't generally respond to their names, adding that humans aren't actually allowed to know their real names.

You know, all high-tech, secret stuff.

While drones that crash into the bushes might survive the experience, this poor Twitter user lost his new toy when it plummeted to the ground and broke. Sad.

Last, but definitely not least, Twitter user DroneSinger made a rather amusing parody song about the phenomenon, saying thousands, or rather hundreds, have already crashed or lost their drones.

That Twitter user noted that most crashes were caused by not reading the manual and calibrating their toys correctly before launching them. Enjoy the song below.