With its gothic architecture and cobble-stoned streets lined by inventive shops and boutiques, Boston is a seamless blend of the historic and the modern. While its tourist spots gain a decent amount of traffic, the city is a haven for artists and their muses, where they are free to concentrate on being inspired. Below are a few suggestions guaranteed to touch everyone’s inner-Hipster.

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

This incredible fusion of bookstore and diner can be found at the end of Newbury Street, boasting a yellow trident as a decal on its display window.

Inside, you will find an endless collection of unique gifts and novels. Within the same space is a restaurant, where you can choose from an extensive list of menu items, from crepes to cappuccinos, pasta, and sandwiches. Patrons can sit down with a good read, hot chocolate, and a piping hot plate of eggs benedict. Without a doubt, Trident is the ultimate haven for the avid bookworm.

Newbury Comics

The shop containing the ultra-amalgamation of fandoms across multiple genres and media, Newbury Comics offers a wide array of memorabilia from both mainstream and offbeat television shows, comic books, classic novels, anime/manga, and music. Whether you’re into “Game of Thrones” or Marvel Comics the store provides socks, tee-shirts, mugs, and countless other accessories, the inventory of Newbury Comics is guaranteed to bring out the inner-fangirl in everyone.

The store is a treasure trove of entertainment, sure to fulfill fans of all kinds.

Boston Public Library

Perhaps for the more avant-garde Instagram photographer, the Boston Public Library on 700 Boylston Street is an ornate wonder. The library is amongst the largest libraries in the United States and showcases brilliant murals that decorate the ceilings and stone walls, looking like something straight out of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Centered in the heart of Copley Square, the library is a popular location for photo shoots and within walking distance of several gothic cathedrals, which are magnificent pieces of architecture in their own right.

The FairyShop

Squished within a long row of brownstone boutiques, this tiny but whimsical store is a magical hole-in-the-wall filled to the brim with “Harry Potter” memorabilia and other fantastical curios. Time-turners, golden snitches, unicorns, fairies, and remembralls line the little shelves of the narrow shop and enrapture patrons in the wonders of make-believe and wizardry.