"Destiny 2" fans rejoice as they learn that Bungie did have a festive holiday season planned out for players after all! Well, the information we've got has apparently been leaked, and the timing is perfect! Some say this is not a coincidence at all.

The screenshots and the information below have actually been out for some time, but the main story hasn't managed to get its spotlight until yesterday when the news re-surfaced.

In any case, players are happy they now have access to actual information about "Destiny 2's" 2nd update, the Mars location, upcoming short and long-term Vault updates, and a few other things as well!

2nd DLC: Gods of Mars

Someone first slipped the beans on the upcoming DLC's title, where it previously said ''coming spring 2018'' on the promo poster, it now clearly depicts its title as ''Gods of Mars''. The image is from a PSN store, and it's been seen in multiple versions around the world.

The information we now see actually comes from multiple sources, and is also backed-up with what we can already see in the game.

Even though we now know what the DLC is called, you should know that Bungie can still change it before release, and this is the reason why companies don't announce these things in advance.

In-development stuff tends to change all the time.

Vault Space

Bungie finally had a word about the in-game feature Vault Space, which is a delight because players previously felt that the company fails to acknowledge players feedback and criticism about it. We now know that they're working on both a short-term and a long-term solution.

Some players hope that the short-term solution includes more space for each weapon category.

That said, it's obvious that all that we can do right now is speculate, since Bungie hasn't given any specific information, but this is good news in any case. We now know that Bungie has been listening and is working on changes. It's likely we're going to see the short-term solution in January, 2018.


Players were also delighted to hear Bungie speak about Eververse, another important part of the game that the company has said little about in a long time. Bungie said they want the to players feel like they're being heard and that they're respected.

No actual information has been announced yet about how the Eververse will be updated, but again, the important thing is that we now know they are looking into it. Everyone is feeling enthusiastic about seeing something new done here in early 2018.

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