Codey Rocky is a coding companion designed for STEM education. It is tailored for children aged 6 and up. The device is a robot that is really easy to setup and program. It is a perfect tool for teaching kids how to learn their first steps of code. It can help educate kids as they have fun exploring their creativity with code. For a more experienced coder, you can compare the Codey Rocky to Arduino robots, but one that is simplified for kids.

What does Codey Rocky teach you?

The code used to program this coding companion is similar to the coding program, Scratch.

Once you understand the basic ideas behind events, sequences, circulation and randoms, you can code anything you want. For children, they will grasp the basic concepts of beginner and more advance code, work on their logical think, use their creativity, and comprehend AI and IoT principles.

Best of all, the devices software development interface is really easy to learn, the programming software called Makerblock's mBlock 5 is really simplistic, and kids can figure it out in minutes. If your child has had experience with Scratch 3.0, he or she will have no issue coding Codey Rocky.

Hardware behind Codey Rocky

The product has over 10 advance electronic modules that can all be individually programmed.

It consists of an infrared receiver, gear knob, integrated 6-axis gyroscope, speaker, 3 buttons, LED display, RGB status indicator, light sensor and voice sensor. When using these components in unison with mBlock 5, the possibilities are endless, and you can do many creative things with the robot.

Extra Features

The device is also feature packed.

It integrates wireless uploading into the coding process and includes compatibility to Makeblock Neuron and LEGO bricks. The device also has advance sounds and lighting effects. This can be used to change the robots expression, and send personal messages through code.

In retrospect, the is a really clever, innovative idea. It has a huge potential of teaching the future generation how to code, and its stellar features make it really easy to use.

The product features everything you need to learn to code as a beginner. It includes a unique coding language, over programmable components, sound, lighting effect, and much more. If you know anybody that is looking for a clever, educational gift for their children, Codey Rocky is for them. If interested, check them out on Kickstarter.