Even though Microsoft’s ordinary Surface Pro is still available in the application store, the company just recently revealed a disappointing announcement that the Pro LTE version would be delayed from its release date until next year. In other words, fans have to keep waiting for a couple of months before the latest device that features data connection will be released.

A post on Microsoft Store revealed that the upcoming Surface Pro model will be available to purchase during Spring season in 2018. The giant tech claimed that the latest device will have a lighter weight and faster internet connection.

As for the price, the regular model of the Surface Pro can cost around $799, which fans can expect that the LTE version will carry a higher price tag for its specialized hardware.

The Pro LTE future problems

Several customers might not agree to purchase the device, and the reason for that is there are plenty of powerful notebooks out there that have the same price range but better features that they can invest. Some consumers, on the other hand, will prefer to have the Pro LTE model, which comes with less performance power but greater battery life.

In the meantime, the company is starting its Snapdragon chipset project for Windows 10 and combine it with ARM processors, which could also turn the Pro LTE model as an overlooked product in the future.

Samsung 850 EVO series stunning price

The Samsung 850 EVO SSD series is best known for its solid option for system builders who want to reduce boot up and shutdown time. With the SATA III standard, it also reduces the opening time for any applications. For fans who want to experience the SSD solution, Amazon has now offered the best-discounted price for the series.

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Amazon offered a stunning deal for both 5000GB for $168.93 and 1TB for $299, which makes them as an excellent procure for builders who want to acquire Samsung 850 EVO SDD series.

One of the most common challenges for system builders is that they were usually careless when it comes to acquiring a motherboard, leading to a non-support device for M.2 SSD slot.

Luckily, every motherboard has SATA III ports installed with it, which consumer will not need to run for compatibility again.

When it comes to the Samsung’s V-NAND technology, it will increase users system’s overall speed and reliability. Furthermore, consumers will receive five years warranty and a write endurance of 150TB.