The new Microsoft Surface Pro, which was announced Tuesday during an event in Shanghai, China is a mobile computer that can be used both as a laptop and a tablet. The 2-in-1 hybrid Windows tablet is the expected Microsoft Surface Pro 5, but the giant tech company dropped the numbering scheme which it used for the last five years. Thus the new device is named as such.

Impressive features

Panos Panay, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Devices, said that they would exceed the expectations of the people regarding the kind of device they want to use.

He said that most users want beautiful and powerful devices with long battery life which they can use for different purposes. With that, he assured users that the new Surface Pro would deliver more than that.

He said that the device is not Surface Pro 5 although its footprint is similar. He said that the new hybrid device has better performance, improved battery, new parts, and the new LTE connectivity feature.

The new device is thinner, lighter and has a longer battery life that could last 13.5 hours. With this battery life, the Microsoft Surface Pro is ahead of the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro models. Aside from that, this Windows 10 tablet will use the seventh generation Intel Core processor. It comes with a smoother and more rounded design than the Surface Pro 4.

It also comes with a Surface pen stylus which allows users to sketch on its 12.3 inches high-resolution display.

The stylus pen is sold separately. It is an optional extra that is tagged $99. The version without the LTE connectivity feature comes with a price of £799. It also has new versions of the keyboard which is made with Alcantara fabric material.

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The LTE model

One of the best features of the new Microsoft Surface Pro is its integrated 4G Lte connectivity. This will save users from the need to look for the nearest Wi-Fi network. But there is bad news.

Although the device will be released in June, the LTE model won't be available yet. It is said that the cellular enabled version of the tablet will not go on sale on that day.

Instead, it will be out this autumn, but the exact date of release is not yet revealed.

Panay said that with the 4G-LTE connectivity feature of the new device, people would be able to work even if they are not in a stationary place. He said that the device would become more useful with instant connectivity anywhere.

The new Surface Pro will be available on June 15 in 26 other countries around the world including the US, the UK, and Australia.