During its annual conference in September, Apple announced two new models of iPhones. One is the iPhone X, a special 10th-anniversary edition which previews the future of smartphones with its edge-to-edge display. The other is the iPhone 8, which is basically the same as last year's 7 with a few small modifications.

What has changed?

The iPhone 8 features a brand new glass back which users say allows for a better grip on the phone. It was implemented for the purpose of wireless charging, as the new phone comes with a charging pad. This allows users to simply place their iPhone 8 on the pad instead of having to use the lightning port plug.

While the wireless charging feature sounds nice, some may argue that it is an inconvenience. The phone must be placed completely on the pad in order for it to charge, taking away from its usability. Some users have already reported that they'll be sticking to the standard wire charger since it allows them to use their phone while it charges.

Not much else has changed from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8. One plus side is that its new processor is a lot faster, but even the phone's camera didn't receive an upgrade which is abnormal. Apple said the iPhone 8 supports the new iOS 11 best, but any generation starting at the 5S supports the software. Its lack of new features has left fans disappointed which is represented by its sales.

Cut production

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has paid attention to the iPhone 8's failure to sell. A supply source in Taiwan claims that the company has reduced its orders of the phone for November and December by nearly 50 percent. This is apparently the first time in history Apple has cut the production of an iPhone so quickly following its release.

The iPhone 8's low sales are mainly attributed to its lack of new features, but anticipation for the iPhone X could be the bigger reason. Apple's 10th-anniversary phone was announced alongside the 8 and sees the biggest update to the iPhone in years. Its entire body is redesigned, featuring an edge-to-edge screen which beautifully displays graphics thanks to the new OLED technology.

9to5Mac reports that millions of Apple fans are awaiting the release of the iPhone X due to its brand new design. The iPhone 8 seems pointless to most buyers since it's essentially a more expensive version of the 7. Apple will see whether its fans have given up on the company or if they are simply awaiting the release of the new iPhone X when pre-orders begin on October 27.