It was Microsoft who first tested the 3D Touch technology even before Apple and Huawei introduced it in their smartphones. Unfortunately, the company failed to implement this advanced technology in its mobile lineups.

A report posted in ProtoBetaTest revealed that Project McLaren was intended to pair the 3DTouch technology with Windows operating system. However, the experiment was unsuccessful due to the smartphone called “Midas.” The device was known to be a less powerful smartphone and was never launched to the public.

In the past, several devices were only created for 3D Touch technology functionality test mode.

Midas is made up of Snapdragon S4 SoC while pairing it with one-gigabyte memory which considered being enough for the experiment. Furthermore, the mobile features 32GB of internal storage and a display of 4.5 inches, measuring 1280 x 768 pixels.

Experimenting 3D Touch technology

The company intended the 3D Touch technology to influence the tiles display during its movement around the Start Menu without the users touching their smartphone. The technology can also sense up to five digits, allowing the users to utilize the feature on multiple tiles at once. It will allow users to complete important tasks more easily and quickly. However, several complications appeared during the test. One example is that there were moments that the finger sensor failed to operate.

Even though Huawei and Apple introduced the 3D Touch smartphone in 2015, Microsoft's technology was still awe-inspiring considering it existed way back in 2013. There are also high possibilities that both companies were testing on their own and came up with a solution that fixed the issues.

Nokia 9 leak image

Fans have been hyped for mobile device upgrades this year, especially when it comes to Facial Recognition feature.

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The 2017 flagship smartphone race might add Microsoft’ Nokia 9 in the list. The upcoming device was also considered to be an HMD Global top spec in the smartphone category.

A Chinese website called Weibo leaked an image revealing the Nokia 9's first appearance. In the picture, the latest smartphone seems to installed with a dual camera and fingerprint sensor that are placed below the camera area.

The upcoming device might not be released this year due to the shortage of curved OLED supplies but hopefully, the company might comfort its fans by releasing more updates before this year end.