Multiple sources have been hinting at an impending arrival of what looks like a foldable Surface device, despite the lack of an official announcement from Microsoft.

A new Surface branded mobile phone

The purported Microsoft foldable Surface mobile device has been floating around the rumor mill for some time now. The popular software maker has reportedly been touting out the device as its rendition of mobile devices.

Amidst the lack of hard proof confirming the existence of the rumored Surface mobile, Microsoft may have just spilled the beans with a new blog post featuring an unnamed device that seems to bear a striking resemblance to what many would deem as a Surface device.

What to expect?

While it's not a real product by any stretch of the imagination, it compels you to be awestruck. A report from All About Windows Phone's Steve Litchfield introduces a moderate WIndows phone fan angle into the mix, hinting at a possibility that though this is interesting, it could merely be a concept mock-up or a fresh prototype.

To uphold this claim, he points out there are absolutely no reports online revolving around an official Microsoft product or its launch. Besides, the Redmond based tech behemoth is highly unlikely to give us the first glimpse of its hotly anticipated mobile handset a.k.a.

the Surface Phone in the form of a tweet.

Microsoft has previously been associated with various foldable tablets while the company refrained from either confirming or denying these reports. It can be recalled that in 2011, Microsoft ousted its Courier tablet and backed its decision by noting that there's never a dearth of new ideas that are checked, approved and produced in their business groups.

It's in company's DNA to constantly develop and nurture new technologies to promote creativity and productivity.

The aforesaid "Courier" project is an ideal case of such effort, and its technologies will come in handy for upcoming Microsoft devices. The company also debunked rumors indicating that it is currently hard at works on such device, as reported by MSPowerUser.

There's a possibility that Microsoft might indeed be developing the long rumored Surface Phone in its labs; however, until the tech titan comes out with an official announcement and the device is up for sales, gadgets freaks are advised to take these speculations with a huge grain of salt.

Moreover, it is also likely to turn out to be mere vapourware like a myriad of other canceled hardware products such as McLaren and the Surface Mini.

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