Microsoft's upcoming smartphone is expected to feature the Snapdragon 835 and other amazing features such as a folding body design. Furthermore, it is considered the first smartphone to feature the Qualcomm processor. Here is everything that is known so far about the Microsoft Surface phone.

New patent suggests phone’s folding body

A new patent from WIPO revealed that Microsoft will be releasing a folding Surface Phone with a cover for the main screen. The device will look more like a phablet with two bodies. One part is the primary body while the other is the secondary one.

The body of the Microsoft Surface Phone is configured to be displaceable. The first body will act as a conductive portion of the device’s antenna while the other one will be the cover of the device’s ground antenna.


The upcoming phone is not a traditional flip that fans are familiar with. The platform will give fans something different from what they usually see in the smartphone community.

It might feature 3D touch-like technology Stylus Pen

The upcoming Surface Phone will feature an edge to edge display, a rear camera with an excellent graphic resolution, and a 10nm processor. It will also feature adequate internal storage and a decent battery life.

A report published in WindowsLatest also revealed that the Microsoft Surface Phone might come with 3D Touch-like navigation. This feature was expected to be in the Lumia 1020 successor or Lumia Mclaren. However, the Lumia 1020 did not materialize. With the new improvements, the company might pull off the 3D Touch-like navigation feature in the upcoming Surface Phone.


The 3D Touch-like navigation will make the device dependent on the Stylus Pen's pressure and angle. The report further revealed that the sensitive surface measures force and detects the user’s touch angle or position. It will also identify the device's force measuring element.

The upcoming Microsoft smartphone will also feature OLED display and because of this, the price of the phone will also increase.

Microsoft is refining Surface Pro

A post from Nzherald also reported that Microsoft has decided to refine the Surface Pro. This device will no longer be a tablet or a regular style laptop anymore. The Surface Pro is now expected to be a flexible laptop that allows users to flip out the back part.


With this feature, users can make the device stay up.

The laptop is a mid-range model that features a 2.71GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and 256 GB of storage. This device will be available for around $2199. Users can upgrade it to a Core i7 processor, 16 GB of memory, and 1 TB solid-state storage. The latter will be available with a higher price of around $4449.