Apple has announced that the production of the iPhone 8 was cut out by 50 percent. This is due to several problems with the company's supply partners. A post from Bloomberg Gadfly reported that the company is now facing with supply issues on the day they decided to switch to OLED technology and other additional features for the iPhone X.

Technology columnist Tim Culpan revealed that Apple is a well-known company that uses a complicated supply chain. Its manufacturers are always working together with their suppliers when it comes to deciding the quality, capacity, and capability of the device components.

However, the decision to change to OLED for the upcoming iPhone has made things more complicated for Apple.

Problems in OLED technology

Apple has decided to equip the all-new iPhone X with OLED technology and achieving new blueprint. This would allow users to unlock their smartphones using a fingerprint sensor at the front. However, the technology was not correctly crafted, which led Apple to switch again to Face ID. Even though the Touch ID could make a return in the future mobile device, it still appears that the company has made a big-time mistake.

Culpan did not mention if the situation is just a temporary setback or not. He also didn't disclose when the company can solve the problems with its Supply Chain issue.

However, Apple should be prepared for the worst in the future.

iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5 is accessible

The iOS 11.1 Beta 5 was originally released exclusively for developers. However, Apple has recently released it for public users. The iOS will not cost anything and fans can even upgrade their iPhone anytime they want.

According to a post from WCCF Tech, the company claimed that the latest beta offers better performance and stability.

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Users can download and install it by connecting their device to Wi-Fi network and ensure that they still have more than 50 percent battery life on their device. After that, they must go to Settings, navigate to General, and select Software Update.

The users need to wait for the update to refresh their device. Once they notice the new update, they need to select the “Download and Install” bar.

Users must also remember that the process will require restarting their device. However, after the reboot process, they can use the smartphone normally.

Apple still allows its fans to try out iOS 11.1 Public Beta which they can download at the company website. However, fans should be aware that this iOS version might make some device to be buggy.