Apple unveiled two new generations of the iPhone at their annual conference in September. The iPhone 8 is the company's cheaper option, which is a simple upgrade from last year's 7. There's not much of a difference in the model other than a glass back that allows it to be placed on a charging pad instead of using a cord. The iPhone X, Apple's tenth-anniversary phone, is what users are really waiting on.


The iPhone X is a revolutionary device for Apple, marking it the first in the company's product line to boast an edge-to-edge display.

The phone has no home button and the popular Touch ID feature has been replaced by Facial Recognition Software which unlocks the phone through the camera.

While the iPhone X comes with a hefty price tag, that does not seem to be stopping Apple's die-hards from making the purchase. The device starts at $999 making it the tech company's most expensive phone ever. Demand is reportedly so high that some users may not receive their phone until early 2018.

According to Business Insider, the iPhone X is expected to sell at least 30 million units before the end of the year. The pre-orders have not begun yet but fans eagerly anticipate the release as Apple employees have started to flaunt the first units to the public.

Reports say that the biggest issue with the new technology is the facial recognition software. The complications it caused in terms of production mean that only a limited amount will be produced this year. Although Apple expects to receive millions of pre-orders, many buyers won't get their new phone for quite a while.

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Most unexciting iPhone yet?

The iPhone 8 has seen a lackluster response from Apple fans. While the product boasts a shiny new glass back, it's about the only new feature. The 8 has the same shape and dimensions as the 7, though Apple removed two colors from the line: jet black and rose gold.

Jet black was a favorite among users when the 7 was first released, although it came with a warning that the surface scratched easily.

Rose gold has also been a huge hit since it debuted on the iPhone 5s back in 2013. Apple seemed to combine rose gold with regular gold in order to limit the color choices to three, which isn't a hit with fans.

According to Fortune, the iPhone 7's price cut is a big reason why it is currently outselling the brand new 8. The iPhone 8 starts from $699 and its predecessor has been cut to $549. While many fans are awaiting the release of the revolutionary iPhone X, it's clear that many would rather buy the 7 than pay more for what is essentially the same phone.