While it's not Apple's most popular release this year, the iPhone 8 has attracted Apple users around the world. Due to its lack of exciting features, the phone is competing with the previous model, the iPhone 7, for sales. The iPhone 8 does have a brand new glass backside that allows it to be charged wirelessly, but it's not exactly what users were hoping for. The phone must be fully placed on the charging pad which arguably makes it less usable during its charging period.

Bloated batteries

The new iPhone was released at the end of September, with shipments reaching customers right away, unlike its counterpart, the iPhone X.

Many users were left disappointed within days of receiving their new iPhone 8s. Users from all over the world have experienced a Battery swelling problem that has yet to be fixed.

Users in Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Greece, and other countries have reported a problem experienced while charging their new phones. During the charging process, these users have seen their iPhone 8s split in half. According to BBC News, the phone starts to swell, causing the face of the phone to lift up, revealing what's inside.

The problem has rendered the brand new phones unusable. The customers who have experienced the issue reported that it occurred when charging their iPhone 8s with the lightning cable, the standard way of charging iPhones.

The 8 is the first generation to offer an alternative method of wireless charging. Wireless charging has not been very popular thus far, as it restricts usability during the charging period.

Unknown cause

Apple released a statement last week announcing that it was looking into the cause of the problem but has yet to release an update.

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It seems that the company has no solution for the issue, though it hasn't affected all buyers. While customers in many different regions have reported the swelling problem, most iPhone 8 buyers have not dealt with it.

The malfunction is reminiscent of a much more severe problem Apple's rival Samsung faced last year. The company was forced to recall all Galaxy Note 7 units after users all over the world reported issues with the battery exploding.

Apple's issue is more isolated, meaning they most likely won't have to recall the phone, but rumor has it that the same company made the batteries for both phones.

While some iPhone 8 customers have dealt with the odd battery swelling issues, most Apple fans are patiently waiting for the release of the iPhone X. Its brand new edge-to-edge design and facial recognition technology has made its release a greatly anticipated event.