For the past couple of months, several tech insiders, such as Ming-Chi Kou from KGI Securities, and other tech publications have been revealing leaks and rumors regarding the possible features of Apple's upcoming new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8. Smaller publications have also been releasing their own predictions as well, but most of them have only led to more confusion.

The latest leak surrounding the device's display

One of the biggest leaks to have come out regarding the device comes in the form of a research paper published by the multinational banking and financial services company, Barclays.

The company revealed that Apple's next flagship will likely be coming with a new screen technology that has never been used on an iPhone before.

According to the report, the new iPhone may be using a full spectral sensing light sensor that will result in a "True Color" feature similar to that found on the iPad Pro. The sensors, which will reportedly be supplied by the Austrian semiconductor manufacturer AMS, basically detects the surrounding ambient light and then adjust the color temperature of the device's display accordingly. This is an advanced version of the technology used in the "Night Shift" feature on current generation iPhones.

Strain on world's OLED supply

Apple is already expected to shift to the newer OLED display technology for their next device, at least for the top-of-the-line iPhone Edition variant.

Apple will reportedly be getting their supply from Samsung and its orders are expected to take up 56 percent of Samsung's production capacity.

What's in a name?

As for the iPhone brand, several reports have claimed that the company may be moving to further simplify their branding; much like what they have done with their recent offerings.

The company previously dropped the "Air" moniker on their MacBook laptops, which was then followed by their new tablet that was simply called the "iPad."

Given this trend, the company may very well be dropping the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and iPhone 8 branding and simply call their next flagship the "iPhone." The new models could also be named after their screen sizes, with the flagship model being called the iPhone Edition. This basically means that users could be looking at three new models, namely the 4.7-inch iPhone, the 5.5-inch iPhone, and the 5.8-inch iPhone Edition.