Its a fact that Apple hit pay dirt when it officially unveiled their first iPhone redesign in a long time. The iPhone X’s reveal instantly drew admiration from consumers and critics alike with its bold new design and forward-thinking features. Their shift from IPS LCDs to OLED panels allowed their engineers to design the edge-to-edge display. The inclusion of wireless charging and its compatibility with existing Qi-standard chargers is certainly a welcome bonus as well. Despite all of the positive feedback and excitement surrounding its release next month, the top-shelf price of the new model has reportedly scared some fans away.

iPhone X price and Apple fans

Innovation usually means an added premium to enjoy the new technology, but this time around, the iPhone X and its hefty cost have even the most loyal Apple fans thinking twice about the purchase. The base model with a 64GB internal storage will retail for $999, while the 256GB model comes up to $1,149. As reported by BGR, industry experts were dismayed by the prices and believed that consumers should likewise feel the same. Popular belief claims that hardcore fanatics will still purchase them regardless of the high cost. However, some analysts suggested that the Cupertino tech company’s earnings report next year will show differently.

Other brands likely to benefit from it

Several users on Reddit’s Apple subreddit who are supposedly lifelong advocates of the brand voiced their displeasure regarding the luxury-level pricing.

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A collection of posts from a thread titled “How many here are on the fence about the iPhone X solely because of the price?” seems to support the speculation. A lot of users revealed that they opted to grab the iPhone 8 or 8 plus instead. Furthermore, there are posts from loyalists who have apparently opted to switch to longtime rival Samsung.

A notable post from a user named guacmol mentioned, “Lifelong iOS user. Ordered a S8 because I can’t get myself to spend $1100+ on a phone (Sales tax in Chicago is insane).” This is an example of a very likely scenario that might cause the company to lose some of their most hardcore followers.

Supply constraints and competition

The iPhone X is scheduled to ship on November 3, 2017, but due to some challenges with the supply of some of its components, might encounter shortages until next year. This gap offers a chance for its competitors like Samsung and their recently released Galaxy Note 8 to scoop up some sales. Moreover, popular gaming company RAZER is also prepared to reveal their first smartphone on November 1, 2017. Who knows, Google’s Pixel 2 lineup might also encourage some Apple fans to finally make the switch to Android.