Google introduced AR Core with the launch of its Oreo software update. AR Core is the company’s version of augmented reality (AR) platform. It is basically an Android version of AR Kit (Announced by Apple with iOS 11). The battle between the two has ensued again. According to a report by Venture Beat, AR as a technology is shaping up to be potential areas for creating content. Just ahead of Apple’s significant September 12 keynote event, Google gave the viewers a glimpse into its AR Core.

Company's announcement

The company took to its official blog website to post six experiments created by researchers from Daydream Labs.

These experiments primarily showcase Augmented Reality (AR) and how it will function on Android. The way users interact with their mobiles is slated to change completely after AR Core comes into the picture. Out of the many apps that are affected by the presence of AR Core, Street View tops the list. In the experiment, the company showed how close to The British Museum they could be, and it almost felt real. It was also revealed that users would be allowed to change their view by actually walking (much like how it works in reality).

Use of the software

According to Engadget, Google believes that the software could come in use especially when constructing newer design. They backed this thought up with another experiment.

They showcased a prototype of a home under construction. Thanks to AR Core’s assistant, every nook and corner were under the scanner. One could add elements to it and check the final product without much trouble. No matter how incredible this sounds, it isn’t the first time that such technology has been made available for the mass.

Microsoft has already pulled off the deed through the use of its HoloLens. The users, however, are required to mount on a headset. Whereas, Google’s AR Core will deliver such an experience through the smartphone. Augmented Reality (AR) as a whole is expected to receive a tremendous boost after it is made available on Android.

According to a study published by Gartner, roughly eighty per cent of the world’s population comprises of Android users.

According to a report by Tech Radar, Google wants to be able to use this technology to teach specific skills. For example, one could be taught how to make a coffee through simple steps. This way, individuals can learn the art of photography too. In the meantime, Apple is currently preparing for its big day, as they are going to launch several major products including iPhone 8 on 12 September at Steve Jobs Theatre of Cupertino.