The Google Assistant is a dependable and well known AI assistant in today’s digital media. Just over a year back Amazon’s Alexa had reigned supreme when it came to smart appliances and controlling them using the assistant. However, the launch of Google’s competent AI seems to have forever changed the smart home market.

In a recent Alphabet earnings conference, the parent company behind Google went on to declare the revenue that it procured in the second quarter of the year. However, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was also present at that particular conference and spoke about the incredible growth shown by the Google Assistant.

Pichai, who was made a board member for Alphabet, claimed that the assistant had managed to permeate 100 million devices in just one year.

AI market growing

Pichai in his statement shared what he feels is the potential of the Google Assistant and also the voice-controlled speaker that the assistant powers. He revealed that within the span of just over a year, the Google Assistant is now available on 100 million devices. While this is surprising at first, a large part of those devices are likely Android smartphones, on which the Google Assistant became available back in February.

Pichai also stated that as time passes, people are veering away from traditional equipment or sources of inputs such as keyboards, mice, and keypads.

Instead, they are becoming more and more embroiled in newer forms of input such as their voice and even the camera on their smartphones to ask questions and receive answers.

However, the Google Assistant still has a long way to go. According to analysts, around 35.6 million American people use a voice-controlled speaker like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home.

However, the market is currently clearly dominated by Amazon, whose Echo devices account for 700 percent of the total smart speaker usage. Google Home accounts for just 23.8 percent and lands in at the second spot.

Google will look to integrate more devices with the Google Assistant

Apart from the smartphones and smart speakers, Google is currently trying to find its footing in other smart appliances which are being designed by various companies.

Pichai said that the Google Assistant will soon be made available on a number of new devices, as a result of the Assistant SDK released back in April. The CEO revealed that there were already 70 different developers who let the Assistant from Google be used to control Home automation through the Google Home or their smartphones. Pichai also assured fans that the company would put forward sizable investments in the future toward getting more partners to make use of the Google Assistant.