Out of all U.S. carriers, T-Mobile was the first operator to grab the opportunity to lure consumers and incite them to buy the next-generation iPhone from its network. To get the attention of consumers, T-Mobile offered a discount of up to $300 on any of the new iPhone models, if the consumer trades-in some specific handsets. However, what made the offer unique was the timing of its announcement. It seemed that T-Mobile was well prepared with its offer and revealed it the moment all the three Apple handsets, namely the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X were unveiled.

However, not the one to stay behind, Sprint has now revealed an iPhone deal of its own to counter the T-Mobile offer.

The offer aims to draw interested consumers to its network. For people looking to upgrade from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8, they can avail a $699 worth new iPhone for free, according to Sprint’s offer. Per the offer, any consumer who trades in a samsung galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, iPhone 7, or 7 Plus will be eligible for a free 18-month lease on an iPhone 8.

Sprint brings in its own iPhone offer after T-Mobile

According to the Sprint offer, once the 18-month lease expires for the iPhone 8, the owner will have two options. He/she can either give back the handset or can pay the standard lease price for the device for the next six months and own it permanently. The standard lease price for the base model is $29.17, which has to be paid by the consumer for six months.

In case the owner wants to keep the handset outright after the 18-month lease period, he or she will be paying $175.02 in place of the $699 that Apple is charging for the entry-level iPhone 8.

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A look on eBay shows previously owned iPhone 7s are being sold for $400 to $500. So, if you happen to own any of the trade-in handsets mentioned above in good condition, this could be a great deal for interested buyers.

Are there any caveats in the trade-in offer?

Like all deals, the Sprint trade-in offer comes with its own set of terms and conditions. A consumer cashing in on this offer will have to get a new connection from Sprint for the iPhone 8 at $50 per month. However, the offer is not limited to new consumers. Current Sprint subscribers with an iPhone 7 can also take advantage of this deal and upgrade to the 2017 model.

So, if you are looking to upgrade to the next-gen Apple smartphone, this limited period offer could save you some big bucks. However, it is advisable to wait for early reviews before jumping the gun and buying the new phone.