T-Mobile has been constantly on the move to establish itself as an indispensible operator in the minds of smartphone users. With its latest move, it has given one more challenge to its rivals and competitors to match up to. According to an Android Headlines report, the carrier will be raising the network’s threshold for deprioritizing unlimited customers who have been observed to use large amounts of data. According to a report from TMoNews, the data usage limitations for those particular accounts can be increased as high as 50 GB.

While carriers come out with “unlimited” data plans, the word is not taken in literal sense either by the operator or by the consumers, as the offer always comes with some or the other caveats.

However, with T-Mobile raising its deprioritizing limits, it seems that the operator is trying its best to make the plans as unlimited as it has promised to be. Earlier the deprioritizing limit was capped at 32 GB. So, if T-Mobile raises the Fair Usage Threshold to 50 GB, which is almost double of what its rivals are offering, it will be achieving a new standard in the market.

T-Mobile to increase its deprioritizing limit

The news of T-Mobile increasing its deprioritizing limit came in from an anonymous TmoNews source, which said that the operator will be making the change starting September 20th. Subsequently, the news was leaked on Twitter. After the Twitter leak, the carrier confirmed that the Fair Usage threshold will be increased.

However, it refrained from mentioning exactly what the new limit will be. The Network Operator also confirmed that the change would take place on September 20th.

Earlier, the Fair Usage threshold for T-Mobile was capped at the 20 GB mark for a long time. While its competitors have stayed at the same cap limit, T-Mobile has raised the limit of data usage to 32 GB for a single line only before the deprioritization takes place.

If indeed T-Mobile raised the data limit to 50 GB, the U.S. based operator would be adding another 18 GB to the current limit. It would also imply that it would be increasing the data limit three times when compared to the original ONE plan that it introduced.

T-Mobile's rivals' data threshold limitations remain the same

While the carrier has decided to up its game in terms of unlimited plan offers, its competitors remain at the same place. The deprioritization threshold for Sprint is 23 GB. Verizon and AT&T both are at 22 GB. Thus, if T-Mobile increases the data usage limit to 50 GB, it would be way ahead of its rivals.

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