Gaming consoles are manufactured to play games on. Why then, would Nintendo, the Japanese video game company, hide a game in one of it’s products? That is the question folks from are asking. It has been observed that every Nintendo Switch that has been released to date contains the “Golf” Nes game hidden in the system. This was first discovered by, which has highlighted the discovery in detail on its website.

How was the game discovered in the console?, acts as a kind of reservoir for hacking and analysis of Nintendo Switch’s latest file system. It was here that existence of the game was discovered.

In July, subsequent to the dumping of "title" names from Nintendo Switch’s file system, the users noticed the existence of a “title” named “flog” in the gaming console’s system. While the site’s original stub stated that flog was a full-fledged NES emulator, there were no more details listed. On September 16, SwitchBrew released an update which focuses solely on this mysterious “flog” title name.

The folks at the SwitchBrew claim that a single NES games is hidden under the emulator. The game is none other than the NES version of 'Golf', which was launched back in 1984. Interestingly, if we see closely, flog is the backward rendition of golf. Apart from that, the existence of this game has been discovered on almost all Nintendo Switch consoles all over the world. It was also found that the Golf gaming title hidden inside the Nintendo console was designed specifically for compatibility with the Switch.

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Hidden game comes with Switch compatibility

Although the existence of the game has been established in the Switch, the title cannot be easily accessed by just any user of the hand-held console. Apart from that, the game being designed to be compatible with the Switch seems too good to be just a coincidence. Furthermore, the NES 'Golf' game also comes with motion control support for the Switch’s Joy-Con.

These exciting discoveries suggest that Nintendo could potentially be planning to launch an NES emulator for the Switch gaming console, and therefore 'Golf' was hidden in the system to test out the compatibility and controls within the system. Regardless of the purpose of the game, no one is sure as to how to launch the title on the Switch and play it. According to yellows8 poster, it is yet unknown as to what triggered the launch of the title.