Nintendo launched the Switch console in March this year. The gaming system was highly awaited and was received positively by fans across the globe. Intense games and interesting features of the platform ensured that the console sold millions of units in just months. While the console sales are still going strong, Nintendo has now landed in murky waters due to a lawsuit that has been filed against the company regarding the Nintendo Switch.

What is the lawsuit about?

The lawsuit has been filed by hardware developer, Gamevice, and claims that Nintendo stole the idea of the detachable Joy Con controllers that are sold alongside the Switch console.

The company further claims that it holds a patent for the design in which the Joy Con has been produced and holds Nintendo in breach of the said patent.

Gamevice's 2015 patent indicates that it did, in fact, get such a patent of controllers to be attached to tablets for gaming. The controllers were described in the patent as flexible bridge device which could be attached to the sides of the tablet to play games on the device. This setup would have offered tablet gamers the ability to control the gameplay while holding the device in their hands.

The Joy Cons in question can also attach to the Switch console while playing a game in hand-held mode. These controllers also support motion sensors, which in turn is used when connecting the Switch to the TV and then playing the game.

This is why Gamevice is taking Nintendo to court on charges of patent infringement. If the court does decide in Gamevice's favor, then Nintendo will have to pay out a hefty amount as damages to the company.

Differences between the two controllers

It remains to be seen whether the court grants the case to proceed to trial, as there are significant differences between the two designs as well.

The first and most glaring difference is the fact that Gamevice's controllers are connected to each other via a flexible bridge section. However, in terms of the Joy Con, there are no connections between the pair of controllers. In fact, one Joy Con can perform independently of the other.

Gamevice has alleged that the Joy-Con uses the Switch console system as the bridge connecting the two controllers together.

However, this too is again not entirely true. The console is a separate equipment that the controllers can be plugged into. It is not a part of the Joy Cons themselves and cannot be considered a bridge. It remains to be seen what the courts will decide regarding this lawsuit.